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Biological waste is one of the most dangerous types of waste. Unsuitable materials in this category require immediate and correct destruction. Biomass not only brings irreparable harm to the environment, but also can cause an outbreak and spread of dangerous infections in the region. That is why the correct disposal of biological waste is an urgent issue.
According to environmentalists, and it coincides with the opinion of specialists of our company, the most successful way to destroy biomass is utilization by thermal method of impact. Incinerator — this is the highly efficient equipment that allows you to quickly and safely destroy large amounts of biological waste.
Basic requirements for this process
Disposal of biological waste has its own characteristics:
* carcasses of animals (both agricultural and wild) must not be disposed of by burial in the ground;
* as an alternative to incinerators, biomass can be disposed of in specialized veterinary services;
* in case of mass mortality of birds or animals, a mobile cremator is used, and unsuitable waste is destroyed directly at the place of death (to prevent a possible epidemic).
The use of professional incinerators is the most effective solution for the disposal of biological waste. This equipment is successfully used in many enterprises whose activities are associated with the production of biomass in large volumes. And their application is not just a new trend, but a significant contribution to the protection of the environment and guarantee of epidemiological safety in a particular region.