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Biological waste is regularly produced by numerous livestock and slaughterhouse farms that are actively functioning in the region And the question of their correct and timely disposal is an issue of environmental importance.

Disposal of animal waste cannot provide an adequate level of environmental safety, because biomass is a dangerous source of infections and pathogens, the spread of which can lead to an outbreak of the epidemic.

The only true and effective method of disposal of biological waste, also safe from the point of view of ecology, the use of special incinerators for cremation of animals.

This equipment for waste disposal is a highly technical engineering solution that allows to achieve the fastest and most effective destruction of unsuitable materials directly at the place of their formation.

Incinerator works on the principle of thermal waste disposal. The design of the device is quite simple, but it does not affect its performance and high environmental friendliness. The incinerator consists of two chambers, a loading hatch, grate with burners and an exhaust pipe. The process of disposal of the loaded waste takes place in the first tank, where at a temperature of up to 900 degrees Celsius, they turn into a sterile ash residue. That dense smoke that is formed as a result of burning of biomaterial, gets to the second chamber of incinerator – here at a temperature up to 1250 degrees Celsius it is completely neutralized. High combustion temperature and its maintenance inside the incinerator chambers provide powerful and productive burners and grate.

Operation of the incinerator for burning animal and other biological wastes allows to ensure proper disposal of the produced materials. In addition, this device is also characterized by high reliability and durability. If you follow all the rules and instructions for its use, the service life of the incinerator will be more than 10 years.