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Incinerator-equipment for waste disposal of any kind. To operate the incinerator does not require special skills and qualifications, and the principle of its operation and the device equipment you will learn from this article.
Any production or enterprise that produces large amounts of waste, uses special equipment for their disposal-incinerators. Easy operation, high efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness-all this made these installations especially popular.
Device incinerator
This equipment requires electricity, a certain type of fuel for the burner (diesel or gas), an automatic control system. Depending on the incinerator model, different control systems and power supply circuits can be used, but their design always remains the same. So, the disposal unit consists of:
• loading chamber;
• the post-combustion chamber of combustion products;
• loading hatch;
• grates’;
* burner (or two);
• exhaust pipe.
Diagram of the incinerator
Without distractions on all sorts of improvements to the parameters of the equipment, let’s look at the basic scheme of incinerator for waste disposal.
* Waste is loaded into the combustion chamber, where it is exposed to high temperatures. As a result of burning organic waste in the form of thick smoke into the secondary combustion chamber and the mineral substances are converted into a sterile ash and remain in the first chamber. Of the total waste remains no more than 5% ash.
• In the afterburning chamber there is a complete neutralization products of combustion — gases. Here they are heated at higher temperatures — from 1100 to 1500 degrees Celsius. Due to this, the risk of hazardous emissions into the atmosphere is reduced to zero.
* Safe smoke enters the atmosphere through the chimney and it does not cause any harm to the environment. Moreover, thanks to a special gas cleaning system, these gases have no color or specific smell.
Advantages of incinerator operation
Operation of incinerators has a number of obvious advantages over other types of waste disposal:
* high efficiency: waste can be incinerated in large volumes directly at the place of its formation;
* wide range of applications: the equipment is suitable for almost all types of waste;
* easy to use: no special skills are required to operate the device;
* safety: the recycling process ensures minimal contact with hazardous waste of the company’s employees, as well as complete safety for the environment;
* cost-effective: minimal maintenance is required for the equipment.
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