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The problem of our time is a significant deterioration of the environmental situation. And in many ways — it is the result of numerous factories, industrial enterprises, industries and other institutions that produce large volumes of hazardous waste and household waste.
Our company-manufacturer of incinerators offers an optimal solution to this problem — the use of incinerators at their enterprises for incineration of waste from food production, oil refining companies, veterinary and medical institutions and much more.
Features of the equipment
Production of incinerators is the profile of our company. We offer our customers a wide range of models of different modifications and configuration at the most affordable cost.
The principle of incinerators operation is based on the most effective technology of waste destruction — thermal impact. Processing of waste and biomass occurs at the highest temperatures — from 700 to 1200 degrees. Our incinerators consist of a loading chamber, post-combustion chamber gases, the grates, burners, charging port and the chimney.
Due to high temperature exposure, hazardous organic compounds, toxic substances, infected medical waste and liquid products of oil refineries are completely neutralized. The smoke formed during the combustion, falls into a special afterburner, and after further purification it is already released into the atmosphere. In this case, the exhausts do not carry any danger to the environment, have no color or specific smell.
The main reasons why you need to buy incinerator from the manufacturer
Purchase of equipment on our website will allow you to solve several problems at once:
* optimize the recycling process in production;
* improve the sanitary and hygienic condition of the enterprise;
* improve the environmental situation;
* reduce the cost of disposal of industrial waste.
Incinerators presented on the manufacturer’s website are equipped with all necessary components and have the appropriate parameters for the effective disposal of waste of different types. The cost of the equipment will depend on the modification and technical characteristics. But rest assured, this acquisition will pay off to you in the near future.
The main reason why you should buy incinerator from the manufacturer-the lack of markups on the price of intermediate sellers. Moreover, we will help you to choose the appropriate equipment depending on the characteristics of your production and requirements.
If necessary, we will be able to equip incinerators with special elements, thanks to which heat will be produced in the process of waste disposal, which is a very cost-effective economic solution, for example, for sawmills, furniture companies, timber processing enterprises, etc.
If you have any questions, our qualified consultants will provide you with full assistance in choosing the right incinerator.