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Environmentalists around the world are alarmed – the problem of garbage accumulation requires an immediate solution. Every day humanity produces tons of garbage, and most of these wastes are a potential threat to the environment and the whole ecosystem. That is why it is so important to take a responsible approach to solving the problem of an effective and, most importantly, safe way to dispose of these wastes.
Biometric pits-the main disadvantages of this method
Biometric pits-the burial of garbage by burying it in the ground to a certain depth – an outdated method of waste disposal that does not meet any international standards of environmental safety.
This is primarily due to the risk of poisoning the soil and groundwater with infections, microorganisms, bacteria and viruses that are formed in the waste during its decomposition. Modern environmentalists claim that biometric pits not only do not solve the problem of the spread of infection, but rather the opposite – provoke its spread.
As we have already said, in the process of decomposition of waste, dangerous infections and bacteria poison groundwater. During floods, strong and prolonged rainfall groundwater carry all this «living creatures» in water bodies. And there is a spread of dangerous infections for miles around.
Incinerators for waste disposal – a quick and safe way to solve the garbage problem
The thermal method of waste disposal using a large incinerator is the most efficient and safe. Since the recycling process takes place in specialized equipment, it allows you to achieve maximum performance.
Modern industrial incinerators have such advantages as:
— easy operation;
— compliance with international quality and safety standards;
— high productivity with minimal financial costs for maintenance of equipment for waste disposal;
— safety and environmental friendliness of the device;
— high reliability and wear resistance.
Also, waste disposal plants can be both stationary and mobile, which further increases their functionality and practicality.