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Many wastes need to be properly disposed of, especially hazardous medical waste and biomass. The most effective method is considered to be thermal neutralization: at a temperature of 700-800 degrees, all dangerous bacteria and microorganisms die. This result can be achieved through the use of special equipment for waste disposal — cremators.
This equipment is a metal furnace equipped with grate, which allow to maintain the optimum temperature, and a burner. Depending on the type of fuel used for the burner, cremators are divided into two types: gas and diesel.
Diesel cremator, as can be understand, works on diesel fuel. A gas cremator — on natural gas. In terms of performance and power, installations with a diesel burner show the best result. But the maintenance of the gas cremator will be cheaper.
Therefore, consider these features before purchasing this waste disposal equipment. Also, cremators are distinguished by the following criteria:
* the volume of the loading chamber (you can buy a small cremator for 500 kg, and you can buy equipment with a bookmark of several tons);
* productivity (this criterion shows how long the equipment burns waste);
* mobile/landline.
Our company is engaged in development and production of both diesel, and gas cremators of various modification. You can purchase the desired model of installation on our website.