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Incinerator plant is the most effective equipment for the disposal of almost all waste. Their use is beneficial both from an economic point of view and for the environment. Therefore, the installation of incinerator in the enterprise — the right decision to protect the environment.
The equipment is a furnace consisting of two chambers — one directly load the waste, and the second is the process of afterburning of combustion products and their complete clearance.
Incinerator, in comparison with other units for waste disposal, has undeniable advantages. First of all, due to its efficiency, as unsuitable material is destroyed by a radical method — by means of high temperatures (from 700 to 1200 degrees Celsius). Due to this, there is a complete neutralization of hazardous substances.
How is the installation of incinerator. Principles of its operation
Incinerator-equipment that is relatively easy to use. To work with the installation does not require any special skills. And the process of recycling takes place with absolute safety for both employees and the environment.
Incinerators are equipped with an automatic control system that minimizes human involvement in the disposal process. In fact, employees of the enterprise, where incinerator is used, are in contact only with sterile ash, which is formed after burning waste. This is very important, because many types of waste are potentially dangerous to human health and even life.
Incinerator installation takes place on a hard surface, and protected from the effects of precipitation and other adverse factors place. The inclination towards the dashboard should be minimal. It is also recommended to choose a place for installation of equipment, where there will be no vegetation.
Please note, all machinery and equipment devices are Packed inside, so they should be removed before installing the incinerator. Then the installation of the chimney, burners and grate.