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Incinerator-installation for efficient disposal of almost all types of waste. Whichever incinerator you choose-50 kg or several tons of loading, industrial or mobile incinerator — all of them are 100% up to the task.
The equipment operates on the principle of thermal waste disposal technology. This ensures complete neutralization of hazardous organic compounds, toxic substances and infections. Depending on the requirements and specifics of the production, you can choose the optimal model of the installation.
Industrial stationary incinerators: types and characteristics
This equipment is used as a stationary waste disposal. Depending on the purpose of the incinerator, the device can be of the following types:
• for medical waste;
• for biological waste;
• for municipal solid waste;
* for veterinary waste;
• for wood waste;
• for liquid waste and oil sludge, etc.
Also, depending on the volume of the loading chamber can be identified such basic models of incinerators.
Incinerator 50. Compact unit that allows you to dispose of up to 50 kg of waste per load.
Incinerator 100. A small furnace for the destruction of up to 100 kg of waste at a time. Most often used for household waste disposal.
Incinerator 200. This is one of the most compact models of equipment for burning biological, veterinary and medical waste. Often used in enterprises of this direction.
Incinerator 500. Roomy enough recycling installation. An excellent option for the destruction of medical and solid waste.
Incinerator 1000. Powerful equipment that allows you to load several tons of waste at a time. This incinerator is equipped with several burners for greater efficiency.
Mobile mobile incinerator
In some situations, heavy incinerator prochladny to use very inefficiently. In such cases, you can buy a mobile incinerator. It is used for disposal of biological waste in case of death of animals and birds. This rapid destruction of carcasses prevents the risk of infection. This is especially beneficial for the overall sanitary and epidemiological background.
The principle of operation of the mobile incinerator is no different from the industrial one. The main limitation is in the waste that can be disposed of with this equipment. It is used only for burning organic biomass.
Diesel and gas incinerator. Features of gas exhaust system equipment
Incinerators differ not only in power, volume of the loading chamber, dimensions and scope. One more their fundamental difference — a type of fuel on which burners of the equipment work. They can be:
• gas;
• diesel.
If we compare these two types of equipment, incinerators, burners which run on diesel fuel, show the best efficiency in terms of performance and power. However, gas burners have their advantages-significant savings in maintenance and operation.
Therefore, pay attention to these nuances before buying incinerator for waste disposal.
One of the main features of the equipment, which distinguishes it from other devices for recycling, the presence of a gas cleaning system. This process takes place in the second chamber of the incinerator, where under the influence of higher temperatures (from 100 to 1200 degrees Celsius) thick smoke, which is formed in the process of burning waste, is completely neutralized from all hazardous substances. As a result, through the chimney comes environmentally safe exhaust, which has neither color nor specific smell.
Incinerator on solid fuel-installation for utilization of wood waste
Our company is also engaged in the development and production of special incinerators, which in the process of waste disposal produce heat, hot water. Such equipment is suitable for burning wood waste — because they have no demand, and in the process of woodworking enterprises, furniture production, sawmills, etc., they are formed in a large volume.
This incinerator furnace is additionally equipped with a secondary air heater and a heat exchanger.
Our company is engaged in development and production of any types of incinerators at the most reasonable cost. On the pages of our catalog you can find the perfect option for your production.