ModelLoad, until kGCapacity, kG/hourОverall dimensions, L/W/H, mmWeight of incinerator, kGMechanical loadingTransportable versionFind a price
in stockBRENER −50 «N»  50501000/800/1200  45nonoFind a price
in stockBRENER −80 «N»     400150-2003100/2500/2000920nonoFind a price
 BRENER −100     13050-751820/920/20002 100nooptionFind a price
in stockBRENER −200     21055-902150/1100/24002 500nooptionFind a price
 BRENER −300     38060-1002550/1200/24003 700nooptionFind a price
 BRENER −400     48080-1202650/1300/24004 200nooptionFind a price
in stockBRENER — 500     57090-1402850/1400/24004 950nooptionFind a price
in stockBRENER −750     850130-1903800/1850/24007 400optionnoFind a price
in stockBRENER −1000    1150150-2504300/1900/24008 700optionnoFind a price
 BRENER −1500    1680170-2904600/1900/24009 800optionnoFind a price
 BRENER −2000    2100250-4504800/1900/240011 000optionnoFind a price
 BRENER −150 «У»    500150-2005500/2400/32003 700nooptionFind a price
in stockBRENER −300 «У»   2000200-3505800/2550/36007 200optionoptionFind a price
in stockBRENER −500 «У»   3000400-6006000/2700/400011 500optionoptionFind a price
 BRENER −1000 «У»    6000600-100011 000/2600/380015 000optionoptionFind a price
 BRENER −ECO-B   10 0001500-300011 000/2600/380015 500nooptionFind a price

OPTIONS: transportable version, container-type, gas treatment system.

The incinerators BRENER ECO series are additionally equipped with a dry cleaning system (a cyclone) and a wet cleaning system (a scrubber with a reverse irrigation system).

All incinerators are equipped with an automated control panel and high-performance Italian burners

The working temperature of the main combustion chamber is 700-1100 °C.
The working temperature of the afterburning chamber is 1000-1200 °C.

Power Supply 220-230 Volts / 10 Amps / 50-60 Hz

The main combustion chamber is made of steel with a 120-200mm layer of fire-resistant material inside (1650 °C).

The exhaust gases are kept in the afterburning chamber for at least 2 seconds.

The fuel for the burners is natural gas, diesel, fuel oil.

PA EcoSystems LLC reserves the right to change the design of incinerators.