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Chief nurse of the Department Manana Gvakharia told Sputnik Georgia that each ward has a special container for recycling medical waste, including masks, gloves, gowns, shields. Filled containers are sealed and only then taken out of the clinic.According to the law, medical waste must be collected once every 24 hours. «A special company involved in this, each morning, take away the medical waste,» Gvakharia said. Coronavirus has not made any significant changes in the organization of the process — the infectious diseases hospital in Tbilisi has strictly observed the rules for waste disposal since its Foundation. «There were such rules before the coronavirus. It’s infectious hospital, the practice and rules for us not new,» said Gvakharia. Medical waste is incinerated in high-tech devices — «incinerators», which the company owns in several regions of the country – Tbilisi, Rustavi, Kakheti, Gardabani, Samtredia and Hobi.

«There are several companies throughout Georgia that have high — tech incinerators where medical waste is destroyed so that the environment is not affected,» hubua said.