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Thousands of industries and enterprises that are actively functioning in our country, produce large amounts of waste Medical, veterinary, laboratory, solid domestic, municipal, industrial and food – this list can be continued for a very long time. And if there is waste, then there are methods for their disposal. However, most outdated methods of garbage disposal are extremely dangerous for the environment and human health. After all, the burial of waste in landfills, has an extremely negative impact on the state of soils and groundwater, and burning at specialized plants – leads to air pollution and causes serious diseases.
So is there the same – an effective and safe method of waste disposal? Modern manufacturers of specialized equipment offer an excellent alternative-incineration. The thermal method of disposal of unsuitable materials is an ideal solution to the global garbage problem, and the use of incinerator-a rational and cost-effective way to destroy large amounts of garbage.
Where is the use of incinerator installation?
— Medical institutions, laboratories, veterinary clinics, sanitary and epidemiological services. Biological and veterinary wastes are dangerous sources of infections and pathogenic microflora. Only high-temperature exposure can destroy harmful viruses that can lead to an outbreak. Therefore, the use of incinerators for cremation of animals is a priority for enterprises where these wastes are generated.
* Oil refining industry. As a result of oil extraction and transportation, large volumes of by – products-oil sludge-are formed. If they are not disposed of properly, they can cause a real man-made disaster. Thanks to the incinerator, the process of oil sludge destruction will take place with absolute safety for the environment.
— Livestock, poultry farms, food production. Enterprises operating in the industry regularly produce large amounts of waste. The use of incinerators allows to solve the problem of effective utilization of unsuitable materials simply at the place of their formation, which will significantly affect the optimization of the workflow and budget savings of the enterprise.
— Woodworking industry. Such productions form a lot of illiquid wood, which is an excellent fuel for the incinerator. Thus, it is possible to solve two problems at once: both to dispose of waste, and to save on heating of the room.
The scope of use of incinerators is not limited. For example, modern equipment for waste disposal, which is presented on the website of our company, is suitable for the destruction of more than 1,500 types of unusable materials, which makes its use virtually unlimited.


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The problem of our time – the huge amounts of waste that they produce human activity. It is true that the person and corrects the situation, developing and successfully implementing innovative solutions aimed at optimizing the process of waste disposal. For example, more and more enterprises and industries are switching to an alternative method of destruction of garbage, which is formed as a result of their activities. We are talking about incineration-a thermal method of neutralization of unusable materials.
This technology is based on controlled incineration of waste under the influence of the highest temperatures. For this purpose the specialized equipment – the smokeless furnace for incineration of garbage is used. Why smokeless? Because the smoke, which is formed in the process of waste disposal, falls into a special afterburning chamber, where it is completely neutralized, and also passes through an additional gas cleaning system, which ensures high environmental friendliness of incinerator operation
Incinerator plants are used for the disposal of almost all known types of waste: industrial, domestic, liquid, biological, medical, wood, etc.
This technology of waste disposal has a lot of advantages:
— high efficiency of the device: no more than 5% of the total waste remains sterile ash;
— exhaust that enters the atmosphere has no color or smell, so the use of incinerator for waste disposal is so priority today;
— incinerator unit can be used for heat recovery, which allows decent savings on heating production facilities;
— minimum financial costs for subsequent operation: reliability of lining, automation of the recycling process, low fuel consumption-all this only contributes to the payback of equipment for waste disposal.
As you can see, the technology of thermal waste disposal, and the use of incinerators is extremely relevant in our time. Therefore, the equipment has gained such popularity not only in our country, but also in other countries, where an active struggle with the accumulated garbage is conducted.


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The work of any production is accompanied by the formation of waste, which must be disposed of in a timely manner. The organization of this process is a question of optimization of production. After all, those mountains of garbage that produce enterprises are potentially dangerous for the environment and for human health. Especially such hazardous waste includes biological remains of animals and birds, medical and laboratory debris, oil sludge and much more.

Modern enterprises that are concerned about the state of the environment do not use such an outdated method as burial for the disposal of waste produced. After all, today there is a safer and more effective way – incineration. And most importantly, the transportation and payment of services for the disposal of garbage in specialized plants can save significantly if you use directly in its production incinerator.

This equipment is a highly efficient and reliable solution for the destruction of all types of waste just at the place of their formation. No special conditions are required for installation and operation of the device. It is enough to install the incinerator on a flat surface, and to prevent the risk of exposure to precipitation and other external factors.

The very operation of the incinerator is simple, and due to the automation of almost all processes, it is possible to achieve a minimum fuel consumption, which also has a very positive impact on the economy of the enterprise budget.

Promotes a quick return of incinerator installation high reliability used in the production of materials, quality futerovka and warranty service. With proper operation and compliance with all recommendations for the use of waste disposal equipment, its service life will be at least 10 years.

Therefore, if you decide to buy an incinerator for waste disposal of your production, you will make the most profitable investment in the development and optimization of workflows associated with the destruction of industrial waste.


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Today, more and more enterprises and industries of our country are looking for alternative methods of waste disposal. So to replace outdated biometric pits and burning in specialized plants comes absolutely safe and highly effective method – incineration.
Thanks to modern equipment for waste disposal-incinerators-you can quickly and immediately in the right amount to destroy various types of unsuitable materials directly at the place of their formation. The operation of the device is simple and safe.
Despite this, there are certain features and requirements for the installation of the furnace for household waste and other types of waste.
Recommendations for incinerator installation
— Install waste disposal equipment on a flat surface. The place should be well ventilated, and a canopy or roof should be mounted over the incinerator to prevent exposure to external factors and precipitation.
— Around incinerator should be enough free space. In no case should it be cluttered with flammable materials or explosive substances, as the equipment operates at the highest temperatures. Because of this, there should also be no vegetation near the device.
— In case of any mechanical damage to the equipment or malfunctions in it, operation of the incinerator should be stopped immediately and contact the manufacturer of the equipment for elimination of technical malfunctions.
• The device must be operated by personnel who have read the operating instructions of the waste disposal equipment.
The principle of operation of the incinerator
One of the main advantages of the incinerator is the automation of the waste disposal process. Due to this, the human factor is reduced to almost zero. The device operates on a timer, which automatically turns on when you press the start button. Incinerator burners are started after loading fuel lines.
There are special recommendations for loading an industrial incinerator. Fill the loading tank can not be more than 90%. Upon completion of the disposal process, it is necessary to wait until the incinerator and the ash residue are completely cooled. And only after that you can clean the loading chamber from the ashes. This should be done very carefully so as not to damage the refractory inner coating.


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Since biological waste is a potential environment for pathogenic bacteria and infections, special attention is paid to the process of its disposal. Modern production and enterprises, which in the course of their activities produce large volumes of biowaste, have found an alternative method of disposal-the use of incinerators and cremators for animals and other organic waste.
What is incinerator for waste disposal?
Incinerator — highly efficient and professional equipment that allows you to quickly and reliably destroy the optimal amount of unsuitable materials directly at the place of their formation. And unlike Becker pits – another, but outdated method of thermal destruction of biowaste-incinerator operation does not cause any harm to the environment.
High environmental friendliness of waste disposal equipment is due to its special design. Incinerator for cremation of animals consists of two chambers: loading and afterburning. In the first tank, the waste is destroyed at a temperature of 700 to 1100 degrees Celsius, and in the second-the gaseous smoke is purified at a temperature of up to 1500 degrees Celsius. This principle of thermal neutralization in combination with modern gas cleaning system can guarantee absolute safety of operation of the incinerator.
Also, the aggregate units of the equipment include powerful burners running on diesel fuel, waste oil, fuel oil or natural gas. But maintain the optimum temperature inside the chambers of the device, high-performance grate.
Why do you need to buy an animal cremator? Advantages of the equipment
— The use of the cremator furnace prevents the spread of dangerous microflora and infections that are formed as a result of the decomposition of biological waste.
— Due to the fact that the incinerator allows you to dispose of waste directly at the place of their formation, there is no need for regular transportation of unsuitable materials. This means that the company saves significantly on this service.
— The work of the cremator is almost completely automated. This minimizes the human factor in the operation of the equipment.
— A wide range of devices allows you to choose the best equipment for any enterprise.
— Working with equipment for waste disposal does not require specific skills and long-term training.
All these advantages of incinerators for cremation of animals make their use extremely effective and profitable for any enterprise and production, where biowaste are regularly formed.


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The most effective method of disposal of almost all known types of waste is incineration. This method consists in high-temperature impact on the garbage, so that it is possible to achieve not only high performance, but also process safety.
You may argue: «But what about the harmful compounds that are formed during the combustion of waste?»Indeed, the burning of garbage at a specialized plant is not safe for the environment. What can not be said about incineration using specialized equipment for waste disposal. Equipment such as incinerator, equipped with an additional afterburner combustion products (smoke, dangerous gas) and modern gas purification system. This eliminates the ingress of hazardous emissions into the atmosphere.
Scope of incinerator installation
Incinerators for waste disposal modern equipment, which is practically not limited to its scope, as the equipment is suitable for the destruction of more than 1,500 types of unusable materials. Among them:
— household and municipal waste;
— products of oil refining industry;
— liquid waste, such as marine, rail and air fuel;
— biological and veterinary waste;


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Biological waste is one of the most dangerous types of waste. Unsuitable materials in this category require immediate and correct destruction. Biomass not only brings irreparable harm to the environment, but also can cause an outbreak and spread of dangerous infections in the region. That is why the correct disposal of biological waste is an urgent issue.
According to environmentalists, and it coincides with the opinion of specialists of our company, the most successful way to destroy biomass is utilization by thermal method of impact. Incinerator — this is the highly efficient equipment that allows you to quickly and safely destroy large amounts of biological waste.
Basic requirements for this process
Disposal of biological waste has its own characteristics:
* carcasses of animals (both agricultural and wild) must not be disposed of by burial in the ground;
* as an alternative to incinerators, biomass can be disposed of in specialized veterinary services;
* in case of mass mortality of birds or animals, a mobile cremator is used, and unsuitable waste is destroyed directly at the place of death (to prevent a possible epidemic).
The use of professional incinerators is the most effective solution for the disposal of biological waste. This equipment is successfully used in many enterprises whose activities are associated with the production of biomass in large volumes. And their application is not just a new trend, but a significant contribution to the protection of the environment and guarantee of epidemiological safety in a particular region.