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Today, more and more enterprises and industries of our country are looking for alternative methods of waste disposal. So to replace outdated biometric pits and burning in specialized plants comes absolutely safe and highly effective method – incineration.
Thanks to modern equipment for waste disposal-incinerators-you can quickly and immediately in the right amount to destroy various types of unsuitable materials directly at the place of their formation. The operation of the device is simple and safe.
Despite this, there are certain features and requirements for the installation of the furnace for household waste and other types of waste.
Recommendations for incinerator installation
— Install waste disposal equipment on a flat surface. The place should be well ventilated, and a canopy or roof should be mounted over the incinerator to prevent exposure to external factors and precipitation.
— Around incinerator should be enough free space. In no case should it be cluttered with flammable materials or explosive substances, as the equipment operates at the highest temperatures. Because of this, there should also be no vegetation near the device.
— In case of any mechanical damage to the equipment or malfunctions in it, operation of the incinerator should be stopped immediately and contact the manufacturer of the equipment for elimination of technical malfunctions.
• The device must be operated by personnel who have read the operating instructions of the waste disposal equipment.
The principle of operation of the incinerator
One of the main advantages of the incinerator is the automation of the waste disposal process. Due to this, the human factor is reduced to almost zero. The device operates on a timer, which automatically turns on when you press the start button. Incinerator burners are started after loading fuel lines.
There are special recommendations for loading an industrial incinerator. Fill the loading tank can not be more than 90%. Upon completion of the disposal process, it is necessary to wait until the incinerator and the ash residue are completely cooled. And only after that you can clean the loading chamber from the ashes. This should be done very carefully so as not to damage the refractory inner coating.