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Thousands of industries and enterprises that are actively functioning in our country, produce large amounts of waste Medical, veterinary, laboratory, solid domestic, municipal, industrial and food – this list can be continued for a very long time. And if there is waste, then there are methods for their disposal. However, most outdated methods of garbage disposal are extremely dangerous for the environment and human health. After all, the burial of waste in landfills, has an extremely negative impact on the state of soils and groundwater, and burning at specialized plants – leads to air pollution and causes serious diseases.
So is there the same – an effective and safe method of waste disposal? Modern manufacturers of specialized equipment offer an excellent alternative-incineration. The thermal method of disposal of unsuitable materials is an ideal solution to the global garbage problem, and the use of incinerator-a rational and cost-effective way to destroy large amounts of garbage.
Where is the use of incinerator installation?
— Medical institutions, laboratories, veterinary clinics, sanitary and epidemiological services. Biological and veterinary wastes are dangerous sources of infections and pathogenic microflora. Only high-temperature exposure can destroy harmful viruses that can lead to an outbreak. Therefore, the use of incinerators for cremation of animals is a priority for enterprises where these wastes are generated.
* Oil refining industry. As a result of oil extraction and transportation, large volumes of by – products-oil sludge-are formed. If they are not disposed of properly, they can cause a real man-made disaster. Thanks to the incinerator, the process of oil sludge destruction will take place with absolute safety for the environment.
— Livestock, poultry farms, food production. Enterprises operating in the industry regularly produce large amounts of waste. The use of incinerators allows to solve the problem of effective utilization of unsuitable materials simply at the place of their formation, which will significantly affect the optimization of the workflow and budget savings of the enterprise.
— Woodworking industry. Such productions form a lot of illiquid wood, which is an excellent fuel for the incinerator. Thus, it is possible to solve two problems at once: both to dispose of waste, and to save on heating of the room.
The scope of use of incinerators is not limited. For example, modern equipment for waste disposal, which is presented on the website of our company, is suitable for the destruction of more than 1,500 types of unusable materials, which makes its use virtually unlimited.