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All medical waste is divided into 5 hazard classes. And if the first two do not pose a great threat to human health, the latter can cause irreparable harm not only to health, but also to the environmental situation in the region. Moreover, the issue of proper disposal of medical waste is relevant for all hazard classes. Any medical waste must be properly stored and then destroyed, even to throw non-hazardous materials in the landfill-a crime against humanity and against existing laws.

For disposal of medical waste it is recommended to use special equipment-incinerator. Modern manufacturers of these devices offer a huge range of models that allows you to choose the best and compact version of the incinerator, which can then be installed simply on the territory of a medical institution. This solution will significantly optimize the recycling process and reduce the cost of transportation and payment for services to enterprises engaged in the destruction of waste. After all, with the help of incinerator to dispose of medical waste can be directly at the place of its formation.

This solution has another advantage – the recycling process becomes completely controlled. Waste is loaded by an employee of the institution, the destruction of garbage is carried out under the influence of high temperatures, and upon completion of the incinerator remains no more than 5% of sterile ash, which does not cause any harm to the environment and human health.

Harmless is the exhaust that enters the atmosphere as a result of burning waste. And all thanks to an additional afterburning chamber of gaseous smoke, which is equipped with modern incinerators.

Such a reliable and efficient design, easy operation, wide range of operation and performance make the use of waste disposal equipment extremely relevant and appropriate.