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Turning a blind eye to the global «garbage problem» that hangs over humanity is a crime against the planet. Therefore, more and more progressive and modern enterprises operating in our country are looking for alternative methods of waste disposal. After all, it is important not just to destroy a large amount of garbage – this task is coped with by incinerators, poisoning the atmosphere with their dangerous exhausts, but also to ensure the safety of this process.
Incinerator for waste disposal – high-tech equipment that allows you to solve two problems associated with the destruction of garbage. It can be used to dispose of unsuitable materials and neutralize hazardous combustion products that are formed in the process.
Installation of incinerator works on the principle of thermal exposure at higher temperatures is decomposed and rendered harmless even hazardous organics and toxic waste.
The main aggregate components of equipment are two cameras: a boot and afterburner. In the first there is a process of utilization of the loaded volume of waste (at temperature to 900 degrees), and in the second-afterburning of gaseous smoke that is formed as a result of burning of garbage (at temperature to 1200 degrees Celsius). The combustion process itself and maintaining the optimum temperature inside the chambers of the device provide high-performance and powerful burners with grate.
The main advantages of incinerator for waste disposal
Buy incinerator — is to make an extremely profitable investment in the optimization of workflows associated with the destruction of industrial waste. In addition, the equipment has other significant advantages:
— easy operation;
— minimum financial costs for subsequent maintenance;
— reliability and durability of equipment;
— automation of the recycling process, allowing to minimize the human factor;
— high productivity, allowing you to dispose of the desired amount of waste directly at the place of their formation;
— universality;
— high ecological compatibility.
All this leads to the conclusion that incinerators are a new generation of equipment for waste disposal, contributing to the solution of the global problem of garbage accumulation