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Crematorium — equipment for waste recycling different kinds: biological, medical, veterinary, household, industrial etc Manufacture of crematorium ovens and incinerators — specialization of our company. Buy cremators from the manufacturer at the best prices you can on our website.
We are engaged in development of highly technical and productive installations for utilization of various wastes. The equipment offered by our company meets all standards and norms of quality, has all the necessary certificates and warranty service. We, as well as others offer our buyers the wide range of incinerators which differ in the complete set, specifications, parameters, dimensions and a scope.
The crematorium ovens from the manufacturer specifically for the device
The process of waste disposal is due to thermal effects. cremator operates at high temperatures-from 700 to 900 degrees Celsius. This allows for the absolute disposal of hazardous waste. Upon completion of the equipment, only 5% (of the total waste) of sterile ash remains from biomass or unsuitable waste. At the same time, during the combustion of waste, hazardous exhausts do not enter the atmosphere, which has a beneficial effect on the environment and the ecology as a whole.
By purchasing our equipment, you will immediately feel all the benefits of its use:
* lightweight and easy to operate;
* minimum maintenance and care costs;
• absolute safety;
* the ability to quickly and efficiently dispose of large amounts of waste directly at the site of their formation;
• high wear resistance and reliability;
* affordable price.
Contact our company and we will help you to choose the right cremator from the manufacturer in accordance with your requirements and production features.