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The problem of our time – the huge amounts of waste that they produce human activity. It is true that the person and corrects the situation, developing and successfully implementing innovative solutions aimed at optimizing the process of waste disposal. For example, more and more enterprises and industries are switching to an alternative method of destruction of garbage, which is formed as a result of their activities. We are talking about incineration-a thermal method of neutralization of unusable materials.
This technology is based on controlled incineration of waste under the influence of the highest temperatures. For this purpose the specialized equipment – the smokeless furnace for incineration of garbage is used. Why smokeless? Because the smoke, which is formed in the process of waste disposal, falls into a special afterburning chamber, where it is completely neutralized, and also passes through an additional gas cleaning system, which ensures high environmental friendliness of incinerator operation
Incinerator plants are used for the disposal of almost all known types of waste: industrial, domestic, liquid, biological, medical, wood, etc.
This technology of waste disposal has a lot of advantages:
— high efficiency of the device: no more than 5% of the total waste remains sterile ash;
— exhaust that enters the atmosphere has no color or smell, so the use of incinerator for waste disposal is so priority today;
— incinerator unit can be used for heat recovery, which allows decent savings on heating production facilities;
— minimum financial costs for subsequent operation: reliability of lining, automation of the recycling process, low fuel consumption-all this only contributes to the payback of equipment for waste disposal.
As you can see, the technology of thermal waste disposal, and the use of incinerators is extremely relevant in our time. Therefore, the equipment has gained such popularity not only in our country, but also in other countries, where an active struggle with the accumulated garbage is conducted.