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Since biological waste is a potential environment for pathogenic bacteria and infections, special attention is paid to the process of its disposal. Modern production and enterprises, which in the course of their activities produce large volumes of biowaste, have found an alternative method of disposal-the use of incinerators and cremators for animals and other organic waste.
What is incinerator for waste disposal?
Incinerator — highly efficient and professional equipment that allows you to quickly and reliably destroy the optimal amount of unsuitable materials directly at the place of their formation. And unlike Becker pits – another, but outdated method of thermal destruction of biowaste-incinerator operation does not cause any harm to the environment.
High environmental friendliness of waste disposal equipment is due to its special design. Incinerator for cremation of animals consists of two chambers: loading and afterburning. In the first tank, the waste is destroyed at a temperature of 700 to 1100 degrees Celsius, and in the second-the gaseous smoke is purified at a temperature of up to 1500 degrees Celsius. This principle of thermal neutralization in combination with modern gas cleaning system can guarantee absolute safety of operation of the incinerator.
Also, the aggregate units of the equipment include powerful burners running on diesel fuel, waste oil, fuel oil or natural gas. But maintain the optimum temperature inside the chambers of the device, high-performance grate.
Why do you need to buy an animal cremator? Advantages of the equipment
— The use of the cremator furnace prevents the spread of dangerous microflora and infections that are formed as a result of the decomposition of biological waste.
— Due to the fact that the incinerator allows you to dispose of waste directly at the place of their formation, there is no need for regular transportation of unsuitable materials. This means that the company saves significantly on this service.
— The work of the cremator is almost completely automated. This minimizes the human factor in the operation of the equipment.
— A wide range of devices allows you to choose the best equipment for any enterprise.
— Working with equipment for waste disposal does not require specific skills and long-term training.
All these advantages of incinerators for cremation of animals make their use extremely effective and profitable for any enterprise and production, where biowaste are regularly formed.