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Any medical institution in the course of its work forms a mass of unusable materials. All medical «garbage» is characterized by varying degrees of danger to human health and the environment. On this basis, it is classified into 4 classes of waste. We offer you to consider the features of waste disposal.
In this category the materials included waste tools which perform various invasive manipulations, materials that contain different biological fluids of patients used ampoules, microparty that remain after surgery and much more. Class B waste also includes vaccine strains and materials from medical laboratories. Those organisms that contain waste of the class B refer to 3-4 group biopathogens, which means they are a potential threat to human health.
There are special requirements not only for the disposal of medical waste, but even for their collection and storage. For example, medical waste is stored in special containers of yellow color: they do not leak moisture, are hermetically sealed and are not subject to reuse. At the same time, such a container can be filled no more than 75%. For storage of medical waste of class B also use packages with the corresponding marking. It is possible to fill them on 3/4, having fixed a special terminal. Such packages are placed in large reusable containers, which are then carefully treated with a special disinfectant solution.
Incinerator is an effective method of medical waste disposal
For destruction of medical garbage special installations – incinerators which can be bought from our company are used.
Due to the thermal method of disposal of unsuitable materials, hazardous medical waste is completely destroyed under the influence of high temperatures. A modern gas cleaning system, which is equipped with equipment for waste disposal, the exhaust that enters the atmosphere does not contain hazardous suspended particles. Thus, full environmental friendliness and safety of the device is guaranteed.